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The wonderful NHS

Steve Smith

On the 2nd day back at school my 9yr old son, Noah, broke his finger playing ball games at playtime. I got the call from school to come and get him so took him to our local minor injuries unit in Thatcham. We were seen within 10 minutes and after an X-ray, were the wonderful radiologist showed him the pictures of his hand, they strapped his finger and told me he would need to visit the fracture clinic at Royal Berks Hospital in Reading.A week later (wed) we were at RBH fracture clinic and a lovely surgeon came to see us who had that morning stepped in to stop a mugging outside the hospital, a real hero! They decided that day that they needed to do something as it was a green stick fracture that had bent the wrong way. It needed to be 'bent' back under general as it was on the growth plate. They booked us in for Friday, 2days time. The surgeon told my son that he would be doing the procedure and was looking forward to seeing him in a few days. We were then taken up to the ward and met a really lovely, gentle nurse who talked us through his pre op assessment. Friday came and the same nurse, Becky, was there to meet us at 7:30am. She took us in and settled Noah in his bed and introduced us to Sarah the play leader. Noah was really nervous and even when Becky asked him if he had any questions he said no. Sarah the play leader, came over to meet us and sat on the bed telling Noah about the operation she had as a child. She really calmed him down and got him asking questions. He was 1st on the list so Sarah suggested that if he didn't want to see any injections we should take the 'where's Wally' book with us. Sarah & Becky both came to surgery with us, we played where's Wally whilst Noah was prepped then as he fell asleep they gave me a tissue & took me back to the ward.

I know he only had a small procedure but seeing your baby fall into that deep sleep from anaesthetic makes you cry. I just wanted to climb on top of his bed and protect him, even at 9 he's still my baby.

He's a twin and was born at the Royal London Hospital London where his twin was the first assisted breech twin birth in nearly 10 yrs, thanks to the wonderful Doctors who supported my decision to refuse an elective c-section.

Anyway Noah came round & I was taken to the recovery room to meet him and bring him back to the ward. They pulled the curtains around his bed then suggested that I climb in with him and give him a cuddle whilst he came round.

The gentle care, consideration and professionalism shown to us has been outstanding. We have been back to the fracture clinic since and seen the same surgeon. For a young child to see the same faces and feel he is developing a relationship with people who care for him is priceless. I truly love and support our NHS and pay my taxes with joy for the care it gives.

Kind regards Sharon Chapman

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