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A Picture of Health

Steve Smith

Big up the NHS was first established on Twitter with primary aim of promoting the good things that are happening in the NHS and countering the negative press which seems to be so prevalent at the moment. Twitter is great and the campaign has been very successful but tweets by their very nature are transient and even the best frequently go unnoticed. There is only a small amount of information that can be conveyed in 140 characters. Pictures on the other hand can be much more powerful. They can add impact, emotion and context to a message. There are currently many thousands of brilliant, positive NHS pictures out there but finding and disseminating them is not easy.

The aim of “A Picture of Health” is to assemble a library of high quality pictures which celebrate all that is good about the NHS. They will be made freely available to public and professionals to use in promoting the NHS.

The library will be available as a public Flickr group called “A Picture of Health”. It can be accessed via this link.

How can you contribute to “A Picture of Health”?

Your pictures can be of anything you like as long as there is a positive NHS association. They can be of people, buildings or equipment. They can be photographs, drawings, cartoons or graphics. They can be sad, funny, moving or informative.  They can be new creations or dug out of your archives.

Please try to make them good quality images if possible. NHS staff should not post pictures of patients without getting their permission according to your own organisations’  policy.

The easiest way to add a picture is to register for a Flickr account (it is free) or use an existing account if you have one. Navigate to the group page and click the join group button. You will then be able to upload pictures.

Please add a caption to describe what your picture says about the NHS. You will be able to comment on others pictures too.

Alternatively you can email your picture and caption to me at and I will upload it for you.

I am the only administrator can remove material that is inappropriate or of poor quality. You will be able to edit and remove your own uploads but not those of other members.

I want to develop “A Picture of Health” as a “brand” and I encourage you to also tweet your pictures with the hash tag #pictureofhealth or post them in the Big Up the NHS Facebook Group.

What next?

I hope we will quickly build up a library of pictures that will be a valuable resource for anyone interested in promoting the NHS.  We may hold twitter events at intervals and even occasional have competitions for the best pictures.

Please join in and help to Big Up the NHS!

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