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Big Up the NHS needs YOUR help!

Steve Smith

briton needs youOn the 31st July Big Up the NHS will be 1 year old. It is hard to believe how quickly it has grown. It all started with a simple concept and a new twitter account. It now has 25,000 followers on twitter and over 2000 members in the Facebook group. There are also LinkedIn, Google+ and Flickr groups, an active blog and (although I say it myself) a pretty zippy web site. I am just about to start publishing a regular newsletter for the growing mailing list. People often assume Big Up the NHS is an organisation with a membership but they are wrong. It is just me, working alone, burning the midnight oil and missing lots of sleep.

Despite this I think the campaign has made a difference. #NHS66 and #thankyounhs campaigns have been hugely successful. Politicians and media people are following the campaign and taking note. We still have a long way to go but I believe this approach has ENORMOUS potential for good.

The problem is the rate limiting step is now my time and energy. I cannot fit in any more without getting sacked, divorced or both. I need YOUR help!

How can you help?

There are four ways you can help – listed here in order from least (almost none) to most time commitment. You can of course do more than one.

1)      Become a Big Up the NHS Supporter

Basically you just register your support by completing this form. No commitment to do anything. You will receive an occasional newsletter and get a slight warm glow for being involved.

2)      Become a Big Up the NHS Tweeter/Re-tweeter

Make a commitment to scan for good news NHS stories and tweet them to me. I will then re-tweet to 25,000 people. You should also follow my tweets and re-tweet them. The commitment is as little or as much as you want. Email me at if you want to do this. I will add your details to a page on the web site. It will show you care and will help you pick up more followers.

3)        Become an Big Up the NHS Group Administrator/Moderator

This is a bit more of a commitment and carries a responsibility to behave well and keep to the positive, non-party political message. It is possible for me to delegate administration rights to members of the Facebook, Linkedin, Flockr and Google+ groups. You will have the power to approve and delete posts, add and delete members and promote the groups. I am looking for people who will be prepared to commit time and energy to promoting and growing these groups.

If you are interested let me know by email which platform you would like to take on. We will need to discuss things with you on the telephone before getting going with this.

4)      Start a Big Up the NHS local Group

Set up a new Big Up the NHS account to serve your local health economy. Make connections with your local NHS organisations. I will help support your efforts and list your details on the web site. This is potentially a lot of work but there will be a huge sense of achievement for those who take this on. Once again I would need to talk to prospective local group owners on the telephone before getting started.


If you care about the NHS and want to take an active part in making a difference one or more of these options may be of interest to you. Please give it some thought and get in touch if you want to help.

Steve Smith

Big Up the NHS.

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