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#NHS66 - the final push

With less than a week to go we can be sure that #NHS66 will be a success. There are hundreds of events planned in all parts of the UK. Lots of people will have a great time a wave of affection for the NHS will sweep across the country.

But we don’t want a wave, we want a tsunami!

The next few days are crucial and if we get this right we will turn a success into a triumph.

So far the main push for this has come from me and a fairly small group of very enthusiastic supporters. They know who they are even if I don’t – twitter can be a pretty anonymous medium. I sense that my coverage may be close to saturation and if I push much harder there is a danger people will switch off. This is where YOU come in.


The final push – what you can do to make #NHS66 your own

If you support the NHS and want to help #NHS66 become the biggest ever celebration of all that is good in the NHS then please consider helping out. There are some very simple things that anyone can do which will help enormously. And it will only take a few moments of your time.

1)      Try to tweet or post on Facebook something ORIGINAL about #NHS66 each day this week.

What will you be doing on the day? What do you think about #NHS66? What else could we do? People like to share pictures if you have any good ones. Remember to always use the #NHS66 tag. The more original material we have from different people the bigger this will get.

2)      Search for #NHS66 each day and RT or share the best stuff. It only takes seconds but makes a big difference.

3)      Pass on the link to this page to your followers/friends. Encourage them to read it and to get involved. Sharing on social media is great. You can also DM your most influential followers and share the link by email.

It could not be easier but believe me if lots of people do this it will soon make quite a noise.



For those of you who have a bit more time and energy this week

1)      We need to get a bit more press involvement. It is unlikely (but not impossible) that the national press will pick this up. Local media though are always on the lookout for good news stories. Let the papers know what you are doing, invite the TV to film your party, offer an interview with the radio. They will lap it up and you will get your 15 minutes of fame.

2)      Try to recruit some celebrity endorsement. Will your favourite radio DJ talk about it? Most national radio shows have contact details on their web sites. If someone like Chris Evans was to get just one email about this from me it would probably not get picked up but if he were to get dozens of messages from lots of people then we may get a mention. Incidentally I give Chris as an example. I am not suggesting a coordinated campaign. That would be unfair. You can choose your own celeb.

3)      Think about making some promotional materials and sharing them. It is actually very easy to put something together with PowerPoint and save it as a .png so it can be attached to a post. If you don’t want to do that there are some of my old graphics available on the resources page..

Over to you guys. Have fun!

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